Our Team

Aspire Alliance 丰联集团 is a Singapore-based Financial Services Consultancy firm representing Manulife Financial Advisors, with a collective group of over 80 dynamic Financial Services Consultants from all walks of life.

Many of our partners began their journey with us as fresh graduates, and are now successful Managers and Directors, comfortably supporting themselves and their families.


Aspire Alliance’s Mission is to become a class leading, fully integrated, one-stop financial services platform provider for its branch of Financial Adviser Representatives.

Professionalism, Excellence and Commitment are the values that guide this mission.


Aspire Alliance’s Vision is to inspire 200 Financial Adviser Representatives in their entrepreneurship ambitions by 2022, in the process of becoming one of the largest and most distinguished cluster in Manulife Financial Advisers Singapore.

Our Core Values

At Aspire Alliance 丰联集团 , your success equates to our own. Our Financial Services Consultants are highly trained to analyse the clients needs, financial aims and circumstances to customise bespoke solutions and plans. Risk analysis of financial portfolios, marketplace research and designing of financial strategies are but a few of the steps taken before recommending products to our clients.

Client engagement is deemed an essential part of client management and an entire department is dedicated to support Financial Services Consultants. Clients are provided with extra administrative resources, and regular portfolio evaluation review meetings are held so that they know that their Financial Services Consultants have their interests at heart at all time.

Our Financial Services Consultants are kept updated with the latest changes in the industry through organised and systematic training sessions.  Equipped with superior and timely knowledge, clients know that they can trust our Financial Services Consultants to be relevant, and achieve excellence.